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Learn the Gift of Manifestation

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

I have always known how to control the mind and manifest the gifts that I wanted in life. This is part of my gift to you, while working with me. I help you your thoughts so we can train your mind into manifestation of everything you desire! Here are a few tools to help guide you in your daily life in order to manifest your true desires!

  • Positive thinking (Think about something you would like, cancel our negative thoughts & BELIEVE it is already yours!)

  • Create a Vision Board! (Collect articles & clippings of images of the things you TRULY want to manifest into your life. Add them all onto a piece of paper or poster board & believe that to be your life!)

  • Meditate on it. (Take at least 10 minutes out of your day to sit quietly & contemplate on your thoughts. Envision the idea of what it is you desire. Focus on this as you breathe in & out & believe it to be yours!)

  • Write it down. (Write in your journal or maybe a piece of paper that you carry with you or stick somewhere where you see it every day to remind you of your desire!)

Happy Manifesting!!!

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