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Authenticity & Speaking Your Truth.

’Speak your voice, even if your voice shakes...’ a quote a friend used to send to me reminding me of my honesty. ’Being honest night not get you a lot of friends but it will get you the right ones’. Another quote reminding me of times I spoke my truth into existence & it created a divide or even a loss of connection. I spoke it anyway. Depending on where someone is at in their journey determines whether or not they are ready to handle the truth.

Some of my posts are going to be happy & positively guided but I want to be my true self & my true self has always been extremely raw, bare & real. I will share stories that may trigger some. Some that may make you want to weep. And many of beauty. What I ask for you to understand is that this journey was meant to be mine. I was meant to travel through the darkness. That’s how we reach the light. I do not play victim nor do I ask for pity. I especially ask for no judgement. What I ask of you is to listen, learn and take whatever lesson you can from my stories or truth, survival, darkness, love & light. Where you are triggered is where you will find your greatest lessons. I welcome & invite you to bits & pieces of my own healing journey.

The reason I am so positive, uplifting & optimistic is due to the darkness I have traveled through & the shadows I have done my work on. I like to shine light into the dark corners of my & others’ soul...removing the dust & cob webs that have collected from those too scared to shine their light there. Cleaning up these dark spaces allows the light to get in. Join me as we discover how to conquer our fears & climb into ecstasy.

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